Rage, Despair, Hope DVD

Company: Dare 2 Engage
Category : Authoring

Dare2engage is a network of teachers and practitioners who develop new and innovative resources for RE and spiritual development.  They approached us to produce their educational DVD 'Rage, Despair, Hope'; the project required a multi-layer framework including several chapter menus and production of the packaging.

The menus were designed to continue the theme of the artwork created for the packaging; the main menu was used to provide access to multiple movies, as well as DVD-ROM content that could be accessed via computer.  The chapter menus contained images of the main movie within the framework and featured access to all parts of the DVD.  Once the final design had been approved by the client, the units were turned around in a short timeframe, including production of a 4PP DVD Digipak on-site.  

The client was very happy with the results and got a great response from all end users; since completion of this project they have commissioned us to produce their latest DVD release.