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Dischro Creative specialise in helping our customers get noticed by offering video production alongside a range of creative services including visual communication & website creation.

DC are a team of young creatives assisting clients of all sizes from our base in South Wales.  Our job is really quite simple; we understand what makes you great, then we work out the best way to let people know what we've learnt.

The reality is of course a little bit more involved, and the beauty of being part of such a diverse species can also be a challenge.  A lot of our time is spent getting to know the people you're targeting, not only to identify the best way to speak to them, but to understand how you solve their problems.

Our filming and editing crew have a wealth of experience from corporations such as the BBC, ITV & S4/C, and we’re able to draw on this along with the copywriting skills of the team to come up with interesting and engaging concepts that are produced to the highest standard.  We’re extremely proud of every project that goes live, and we’re passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals.

If you'd like to see some examples of our work then head over to the Portfolio; for a bit more on Dischro, take a look at Our Story.

Promotional Video produced as part of Content Marketing Strategy

South Wales Chamber Awards 2014


Shirt launch promotional video

Flashmob Video


Corporate video for Sony by DC

Content Marketing Videos


Event video by Dischro Creative

WPCS Festival 2013


Promotional video for event in South Wales

Newport Food Festival 2013


2014 Show Reel for Dischro Creative

DC 2014 Show Reel


NCH motion graphic video produced by Dischro Creative

Annual Report Animation

Visual Comms

Promotional video for Children In Need competition

'Your Voice' CiN Promo