Our Story

Dischro Creative is the sister company of Dischromatics Ltd - here's our story

Do you remember when disks were floppy, and half the size of a ruler?  Well it was around this time (1989 to be precise) that Stewart Spencer set up shop printing full colour onto blank disks, and began the story of Dischromatics Ltd.

Over the years the company expanded and went from just supplying blank media to reproducing all kinds of weird and wonderful projects.  More and more time was also spent helping out with artwork, and people really seemed to like what we did!  The phones carried on ringing and the Dischromatics ship wasn’t big enough to carry us any longer, so we built a shiny new one and called it Dischro Creative.

We’ve always been a bit obsessed with quality, and it’s our belief that everyone we work with deserves to get the best product for their specific needs.  It's an ethos we live by whatever the project, whether it's developing advertising concepts or producing promotional videos; and as we handle every part of the process ourselves we have complete control over the end product.

Today the Dischro Creative ship is captained by Stewart's son Alex Spencer, following the same ISO quality procedures as Dischromatics.