Mr. Alexander's Travelling Show

Company: David Alexander
Category : Design , Authoring

David Alexander presents a traditional Variety Show of magic, juggling, unicycling, balance and illusion.

At the beginning of 2015 we were asked to produce artwork and author a DVD for Mr Alexander, prior to a full replication run.

The brief we recieved was for the design to include the same Victorian feel as seen in the act and stage decorations, including photographs covering Mr Alexander's career and other memorabilia he had picked up over the years.

Along with tailoring the general style, we also created bespoke adverts designed to communicate the concept outlined in the brief.  These were included on the rear of the booklet.Booklet design by Dischro CreativeOnce completed, the first draft booklet was sent for approval.  The client was extremely happy with the result and felt we had clearly understood the brief; we were subsequently asked to increase our input, and to design both the DVD inlay and disc artwork.

Our designer put some initial ideas together and we carried on liaising with Mr. Alexander to ensure that we were always hitting the nail on the head.  It was also decided that the booklet would benefit from being printed on more textured, recycled stock, with a slight off-white tone to further re-inforce the Victorian feel.
Complete DVD unit for David Alexander

We also worked with an animator to produce the motion elements of the authored DVD, and compressed the high quality video to a viewer-friendly size – compacted for standard DVDs.  This included scene-by-scene compression of various sections of the video – as well as introducing auto play animation screens and numerous chapter selection screens, animated buttons for menus etc.

After two stages of proofing a master DVD was sent to Sony, ready for production.